​​​Process Mapping for Franchise Creation

Taking the option to franchise your business is a great step towards growing the reach of your business and quickly increasing brand awareness, as well as maximising the 'O' of your business SWOT analysis. It is also a positive way of moving your business into areas that may not have been possible as quickly when growing the business organically. Additionally the potential returns from building in brand retention and use terms to your franchise contract, enable you to keep a positive financial hold on these ‘nodes’ carrying your brand/business name and activities.

The uptake of franchises as opposed to the entrepreneurially driven start up business types  has a fantastic success rate, and as stated by a world renowned business and franchisor McDonalds (as stated at the 2018 International Franchise Show), upward of 94% success rate when compared to conventional start up businesses.

One of the most important things about having your brand represented is to ensure your brand maintains the reputable and consistent name you initially built. This can only be done by ensuring that any franchise performs with identical methods to you ‘the franchisor’ and you have a way of being able to check on their adherence to this through customer feedback and key business targets.

Spicemasher Process Management is able to offer Process Mapping of the operational needs to ensure any franchise you wish to create has the definitive information necessary to perform in the same way as your business currently does thus enabling you to maintain the values and service qualities of your core brand.


How We will Do This:

By reviewing the activities you wish to be carried out by the 'franchisee' we can develop the Process Maps you need to be able to deliver a complete operational franchise package that will ensure continuity of your brand values in the tasks undertaken by the franchisee in your brand name. 

We will first have a meeting with you to discuss what you need to have detailed and the level of complexity of your requirements, also if you have the necessary activities or operations documented. We will then be able to provide you a pricing structure for the works required and a lead time for completion.

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