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How We Work

Getting where you want to go without the right map or none at all can be a challenge we all face in business. We work with you in a simple step by step process to lead you to your goal.

Our 7 Steps to Success

Step 1 - Introduction

Understanding your business and what you want to achieve is a key starting point -

We need to know what your business currently does and what you want to achieve.

Step 2 - How Your Business Works

We need to spend a little time with you to understand how you currently work, who or what departments are involved in the areas you may need to improve and how they currently interact to enable us to put together the full picture of how our map will help you.

Step 3 - Build Process Flow Map

Using the information collected, we can develop a Process Flow Map detailing all the stages of progress through your business in its current state.

Step 4 - Analysis

By analysing the Process Flow Map we can assess the ease of flow of the overall process. We will also review what processes are currently in place at each step of the process flow in order to understand if they are defined, controlled and give a measurable output. If this is not the case, we know what we need to do.

Step 5 - Develop

Now we can develop or optimise processes as missing or requiring optimisation.

Step 6 - Implement

The success of any process can first be measured by its Implementation.

This is why we will work with you and coach your staff to help you to implement new processes. 

Step 7 - Monitor

Now you have new or optimised processes in your business, we need to ensure they are working consistently and correctly to deliver the positivity you need.

We will review any implemented work at a follow up interval decided by you to ensure all has performed as planned.

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