Process Health Check

If you already have a Process in use or have a proposed process that you want to have checked by our specialists for capability and efficiency, we can do that for you. 

We don't always have to create the Process for you but we do suggest you map the process to ensure it is capable of working in the right way for the task it is planned to be used for.


Process Mapping

Process Mapping is an important part of the definition of any activity within your business. It provides the structure and the all important 'How' to any planned activity as well as ensuring consistency and repeatability is maintained . Process Maps can range from single task mapping to complex activities where multiple departments must interact to complete an activity within your business. Having the right Process Map for your activity will ensure you have a robust and efficient process that is easy to follow and will enhance your training capability for new staff entering the role.

7 Steps to Success Programme

Our 7 Steps to Success Programme has been developed as the ideal model for identifying issues in the flow of your tasks, understanding how they affect the every day running of your business, analysing what they are and how they can be changed, developing more efficient process flows and advising on implementation of updated processes. Finally followed up with a functionality health check to ensure things have been positively affected by this work.

This is the complete Operational Process Flow package giving you closure to any gaps in your efficiencies and thus operational excellence.

7 steps to success programm

Process Mapping Workshops

Do you want to learn how process mapping is done? Maybe you want to expand your business capability or be able to put together basic process maps to enable understanding of how new processes can be added or will interact with others.

Spicemasher Process Management Ltd is happy to give you the basic knowhow to enable you to do this.

Our workshops can be run in two ways:

  1. We can come to your premises and deliver the workshop material to up to 5 delegates.

  2. You can contact us to find out when we will be running the next offsite workshop so you can join us.

During the course you will learn how Process Maps work, why and when to implement them, how to put together single task/activity process map and how to structure a (mildly) complex Process Map.


Our Rate for this Service is: £995 (option 1)£395 (option 2)

Franchise Building and Operational Process Mapping

Taking the option to franchise your business is a great step towards growing your brand on a large scale.

Content Delivery

Through our new collaboration with Frutebowl, we are now able to offer the delivery of any of our services via a secure, user friendly and customisable platform!

This platform can be used as both a training aid as well as a refresher guide for the operational process content. It is versatile enough to enable the user to upload training documentation for standard procedures like health & safety, fire safety, manual handling etc.

For more information on how we can create a bespoke package to suit your requirements, contact us.. 


And take a look at the Frutebowl website:



A £450 up front fee is required for preliminary information gathering meeting prior to quoting for any Operational Manual builds and steps 1 & 2 of the 7 Steps to Success Programme. This fee will be deducted from the final cost if the service is undertaken. This preliminary cost is non refundable.

Any reference to "operation or operational" refers to the task types we will be working on.

No Business Strategy is given or implied within a Process Map.

All Process Mapping with the exception of those created in the '7 Steps to Success Programme' will directly relate to your current Operational Information or Manuals unless agreed by Spicemasher Process Management Ltd that a process not currently documented or applied needs to be created.

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